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The Vinnies offers four categories this year: Print, Digital, Experiential and Integrated. Your work may not fit neatly into any single category but instead might cross over into several of them. We understand. Pick the category you think best represents the work. If, upon reviewing the entries, the judges feel differently, they will re-categorize your work to give it the best chance of winning. Hey, we’re on your side.

If it’s on paper, it counts: print ads, brochures, billboards, even shelf talkers if they’re really, truly, unbelievably awesome.
Anything with pixels: websites, email, social media, apps.
Any moment where you are face-to-face with customers: tasting rooms, pop-up events, trade events, in-home or on-the-road events. Wherever and however you made a connection, share it.
Any mix of disciplines where the work hangs together both visually and strategically. A typical example is an email + social media campaign that drives to a website. Your entry, of course, is anything but typical.
Here's an example of an integrated campaign and what we might like to see for your entry submission. Just sayin'.
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Any work released during the 2019 calendar year is eligible. Materials may have been introduced earlier, but if it ran in 2019 it counts.


Vinnie Awards entries are judged by some of the brightest and most experienced leaders in the business. That said, if you want to win, you’ve got to capture their imagination.

Start with a crisp description of the problem you were solving. What was the objective? What challenge did you have to overcome? The context is what defines the degree of difficulty. For example: "Our objective was to drive traffic to our Temecula tasting room on Tuesdays." Or: "The label designers used up all the budget so all we had to launch the brand was an Instagram influencer not named @Kardashian."

Then describe what made your solution effective if not unexpected. If the work yielded results, by all means share them. In any event, be concise. Entries that are long on words and light on substance will leave the jurors thinking the campaign was, too.

Maybe this wasn’t your year. Maybe the girl in the next cube over got all the really good projects. And maybe, just maybe, you’re a big enough person to recognize that. Why not nominate her? Karma, baby.

Click the Nominate button below to let us know about work that you think is the bomb.