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Submissions due Nov. 26

Your Vinnie Award entry will be judged by some of the brightest and most experienced leaders in the business. To win, you’ve got to capture their imagination. Start with a crisp description of the problem you were solving. What was the objective? What challenge did you have to overcome? Context matters.

Then describe what made your solution effective if not unexpected. If the work yielded results, by all means share them. In any event, be concise. Entries that are long on words and light on substance will leave the jurors thinking the campaign was, too.

Once you’ve completed the Entry Form below, upload the key visuals that convey your brilliance. A high resolution PDF, a screen grab, a well-composed iPhone shot, take your pick. We will use these during the awards ceremony so try to deliver the highest quality images you can.

Clicking the Enter button on the form below will take you to a Dropbox folder where you can upload your entry.